Expected 2020            Ph.D., Oceanography and Astrobiology, University of Washington

                                                Candidacy exam passed April, 2018

2017                           M.S., Oceanography, University of Washington

2014                           B.S., Biological Engineering, Purdue University

                                    Minor in Russian Language


[4]  Showalter, G.M.  and Deming, J.W. (2018) Low temperature chemotaxis, halotaxis, and chemo-halotaxis in a model marine psychrophile Colwellia psychrerythraeastrain 34H.Environmental Microbiology Reports. doi:10.1111/1758-2229.12610
[3]     Lindensmith, C., … Showalter, G.M., et al. (2016) PLOS one. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0147700
[2]    Wallace, J.K., … Showalter, G.M., et al.  (2015) Optics Express 23(13). doi: 10.1364/OE.23.017367
[1]    Ha, S.J., Showalter, al.  (2014) Current Metabolomics 2:132-143.


Spring 2016                 Teaching Assistant, Arctic Change(OCN 235)

Independently designed and delivered weekly lectures to 15-25 students on a variety of Arctic topics including atmospheric science, oceanography, microbiology, politics and governance, and history. Graded weekly homework and exams of 50+ students and held weekly office hours. 

Spring 2015                 Teaching Assistant, Marine Bacteria Archaea and Viruses (OCN 431)

Coordinated homework assignments and graded student presentations in class of 30 students. Held weekly office hours.


Fall ‘17 - Winter ‘18    Science Communications Fellow, Washington Sea Grant ($3000)

Sept 2017                    Best Poster Presentation, Polar Alpine Microbiology Conference ($250)

June 2017                    Congressional Antarctic Service Medal

June 2017 Best Policy Paper Award, Dartmouth Arctic Science & Diplomacy Program

Climate change and public health in the Canadian North

Dec 2016                     ASLO Student Travel Grant ($500) for travel to ASLO 2017 Meeting

2014-2015                   Egvedt Scholarship, University of Washington

2010-2014                   Purdue University President’s Scholarship ($40,000)

                                    Greiner Scholarship ($1000)

                                    Reynolds Scholarship ($2000)

                                    Purdue University Ag & Bio Engineering Student Travel Award ($250)