Norseman II, Bering Strait Sailing with Dr. Rebecca Woodgate to recover and deploy moorings to investigate hydrography of the Bering Strait, as well as repeat CTD deployments. Sept 2019 

Ice Breaker Oden, High Arctic (89°N) 60 days aboard the Swedish icebreaker Oden with a multi-national crew and science team, involving an extensive ice-coring program and ship-board laboratory work. August - September 2018.

Read more about the expedition on the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat’s website.

Utqiagvik (Barrow), Alaska Ice-coring and laboratory processing of samples for microbial studies in small (<10 person) field team. May 2017; 2018.

Palmer Station, Antarctica 8 weeks at Palmer Station, including multiple short cruises aboard the Laurence M Gould with NSF’s Antarctic Biology Training Program. July - August 2016.

Norseman II, Bering Strait 8-day cruise to investigate hydrography of the Bering Strait in small (<10 person) field team. June, 2015.

Nuuk, Greenland Deployed and validated a digital holographic microscope for bacterial detection in sea ice brines as an eight-day field excursion in Greenland, in collaboration with engineers from Caltech and NASA JPL. March, 2015

Thomas G. Thompson, Washington Coast Helped lead demonstrations of microbial ecology techniques aboard the RV Thompson during a four-day training cruise along the Washington Coast. October, 2014