I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Washington in Oceanography. My interests focus on bacteria and their viruses in Arctic sea ice - an environment of extreme temperatures, salinities, and light and nutrient restrictions. Also in the Astrobiology program at UW, I’m curious how understanding microbial adaptations to life under terrestrial extremes can help inform the search for life on cold bodies in our solar system and beyond. I work in the Deming Lab, doing experiments and computations in the lab as well as regular field work to the Arctic and Antarctic.

In addition to scientific research, I have an interest in science for both public policy and outreach. I like to think about environmental security in the Arctic and how scientific research can inform decision making on international scales. For this work, I’ve taken on the study of Inuktitut - the language of the Inuit - to understand the context of the people and environment in which Arctic research is performed. My science communication focuses on human elements of research and discovery in written form and regular outreach events.